Quick Tips for Insulation Installation

Insulation installation is a cost effective way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Making sure that the attic, floors, or crawlspaces in your home have an adequate level of insulation can provide substantial benefits. It can help reduce your home’s monthly heating and cooling costs as well as create a comfortable living environment. Whether adding or replacing insulation, this is a job best left to professionals who possess the skills and equipment required to ensure correct placement. Schedule an insulation installation appointment with Banker Insulation today at (602) 273-1261.

Have an Energy Audit Done

A home energy audit can reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Auditors use various tools such as a blower door and infrared scanner to detect sources of inefficiencies and, consequently, identify opportunities for improvement. They will also determine the type, condition, and depth of your home’s insulation. In Arizona, the recommended level of insulation ranges between R25 to R60, according to Energy Star. Consider insulation installation if the level of insulation in your attic is below that.

Title card featuring insulation being installed in a crawl space: Quick Tips for Insulation Installation.

Select Materials with a High R-Value

There are plenty of insulation types and materials available. You can select from batts and rolls, loose fill, spray foam, and rigid insulation. Materials include fiberglass, cellulose, polyurethane, mineral wool, and others. The key to choosing between the various options available is to look at the insulation’s ability to reduce heat flow, which is more commonly known as its R-value. Maximize performance by choosing a product based on its R-value. Higher values produce the best results in terms of energy efficiency.

Contact Arizona’s Leading Insulation Contractor

Banker Insulation is a full-service insulation and energy conservation contractor with 18 valley locations to help Arizonans improve their residential or commercial property’s energy efficiency. In operation since 1977, Banker Insulation provides insulation installation of the best material types for area homes and buildings. Additional services offered include sound attenuation and home energy audits. Schedule an appointment today by contacting one of our offices.