Home Energy Audits

Home Energy Audits Offered in Chandler, AZ

Does the idea of a lower energy bill and a more energy efficient home sound like a perfect combination? Do you want to stay warm during the chilly Arizona winters and cool during the sweltering, dry Phoenix summers? Then it’s time to explore getting a home energy audit with Banker Insulation.

What Is a Home Energy Audit?

The average American household spends approximately $2,060 per year on energy costs. Homeowners use this money to heat their homes, power their appliances and lighting, and more. It is important to understand the big picture of your home’s energy consumption and look for ways to improve it. The best way to do that is through a home energy audit. A home energy audit is a detailed evaluation of your home where our team will assess how much energy you regularly use, show you how specific problems are costing you money, and offer solutions to help you maximize your energy savings while reducing your carbon footprint.

Why Should You Have a Home Energy Audit?

As a homeowner, you want to do your part to keep your energy bills low and your house more energy efficient. Conducting a home energy audit will determine your home’s energy efficacy—and how to improve it. Banker Insulation’s Phoenix Metro-area team will make this process simple for you, providing an easy-to-understand overview of your home’s energy usage and showing you how targeted upgrades will save you 5–30% on your energy bills.

When evaluating your home’s efficiency, our team will perform a thorough room-by-room examination of your home—from your attic insulation to the seal on your garage door—in order to see whether there are any obvious sources of inefficiency. During an energy audit, our team goes a step further by using state-of-the-art technology to gather hard data on your home’s energy performance. We use equipment such as blower doors, infrared cameras, gas leak and carbon monoxide detectors, moisture meters, and nontoxic smoke pens.

After conducting your home energy audit, our team may suggest simple changes to your home, such as switching to more efficient lighting or sealing air leaks from doors, to larger recommendations, such as adding insulation or replacing windows that cause drafts in your home.

Scheduling an energy audit is the best first step to take as you improve your Arizona home’s energy efficiency. Residents of Chandler and Phoenix, call Banker Insulation, your home energy experts, today to schedule your home energy audit. Your home and your wallet will thank you.