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Banker Insulation is a Trusted Partner of Greenfiber Cellulose Insulation

Choosing to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency with new insulation is a big decision. You want to relax knowing the investment in your home is a worthy one. Rest assured, at Banker Insulation, we have been installing peace of mind for homeowners and builders since 1977. We don’t take your trust in us lightly, which is why we promise to partner with only the best insulation manufacturers and provide only the highest quality insulation products.

Partnering with the Best

That is why we’ve chosen to become a Trusted Partner with Greenfiber. We believe their cellulose insulation is the best product for homeowners and builders in our Arizona and New Mexico service areas. Becoming a Trusted Partner means we stand behind Greenfiber’s products and our expert team of skilled installers has been trained to install Greenfiber products, such as Sanctuary®, correctly and efficiently to give you extra peace of mind.

Benefits for Homeowners and Builders

Our standing as a Trusted Partner is important for you too as homeowners and builders. Our partnership means you receive all the benefits of Greenfiber products along with our expert installation services.

Here are some of the benefits of Greenfiber’s Sanctuary® insulation:

  • Increased fire resistance—It contains active fire-resistant materials and has a Class 1A fire rating, qualifying it as a fire-blocking material.
  • Created from recycled materials—It’s made from up to 85% postconsumer paper material.
  • Better for the environment—It requires 13 times less energy to manufacture than fiberglass insulation and its ingredients are free from formaldehyde and asbestos.
  • Reduces sound pollution—It reduces sound power by 60% which positively affects your health and wellness.
  • Manufactured close to home—The insulation we use is produced on-site at Greenfiber’s plants. 80% of the products that are manufactured there are delivered locally.
  • Improves sustainability—Their products have a broad set of characteristics to assist in meeting the demand for higher-performing insulating products and assemblies, whether for LEED, the National Green Building Standard or other types of guidelines and standards.
  • Extra Fire Safety for Townhouses—Greenfiber also offers Sanctuary® Two-Hour Firewall for townhouse builders that creates a better safety, sound, and odor barrier for future owners.

Your Trusted Partner in Insulation

We’re confident that your insulation needs are in good hands with Banker Insulation and Greenfiber’s Sanctuary® cellulose insulation. Contact our team of insulation experts today to answer all your insulating questions. We look forward to being your trusted partner in insulation installation for your home or building project.

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