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Injection Foam Insulation in Chandler, AZ

Banker Insulation Specializes in Home Insulation

Banker Insulation’s team of insulation contractors has been providing professional and reliable services throughout the Southwest since 1977. We serve residential and commercial customers with high quality products that improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes and buildings. Our injection foam insulation service is ideal for adding a barrier of insulation and sealing leaks in closed off spaces such as behind finished construction or in masonry walls. Contact us to learn more about this energy-saving service today.

Superior Injection Foam Insulation Application

Injection foam provides the same R-value and air-sealing qualities as spray foam insulation, but its makeup and application are designed explicitly for closed-off areas. We use two different types of injection foam products designed to handle diverse environments.

  • Core Foam Mason Foam Insulation® – This product is used in both commercial and residential settings and is designed for the cores of concrete block walls. It is a Class 1/Class A fire-rated product and meets or exceeds all testing requirements of current standard building codes. Commercial application is typically in new construction such as retail box stores, schools, and churches. It is also used in residential new construction applications such as concrete-block stucco walls, foundations, and basement walls.
  • InsulSmart Interior Foam Insulation® – We use this product for enclosed cavity applications such as stud walls and cathedral ceilings. Benefits include low shrinkage and ultra-low odor. It is a Class I rated product and meets or exceeds all building code requirements. There are three EPA-listed antifungal additives, and it is tested for termite and mold resistance.

Benefits of Injection Foam Insulation

With so many insulation materials and installation methods to choose from, how do you know which is right for you? With more than 40 years of experience, the professionals at Banker Insulation can help you determine which product is best for your home or business, but consider these benefits of injection foam insulation:

  • It is easily applied in closed-off spaces such as behind walls or in concrete. Our team won’t have to remove any drywall for installation.
  • Injection foam never loses its shape in the areas where it’s applied. That means it will never sag, settle, or leave spaces which can occur over time with fiberglass or cellulose insulation.
  • It is a superior product for providing both heat resistance and acting as an air seal.
  • Insulation not only provides a barrier from heat and cool air, but it insulates noise too. Injection foam does this better than any other product. It won’t completely soundproof the home or building, but it will undoubtedly reduce noise.

What’s the Difference Between Injection Foam and Spray Foam?

Property owners and home improvement professionals outside of the insulation industry use the terms injection foam and spray foam insulation interchangeably, which has caused a great deal of confusion on these two different applications. Not only are they separate products, but they are applied differently and have specific uses. The main difference between these two are:

  • Products – While both of these insulators are types of foam, they differ in composition and have different characteristics. Spray foam expands when applied. Injection foam, since it is going into closed areas, does not expand after application.
  • Application – Injection foam is specifically designed to be installed in closed spaces, such as walls already covered by drywall or in masonry walls, such as foundations. Spray foam is applied in open areas, including walls that have not been covered with drywall or attics.
  • Preparation – When applying injection foam, old insulation doesn’t need to be removed. However, we must remove old insulation before installing spray foam.

Contact Our Insulation Experts in the Southwest

Banker Insulation specializes in commercial and home insulation applications of all kinds throughout the Southwest. We have eight convenient Arizona locations in Chandler, Flagstaff, Kingman, Lake Havasu City, Prescott Valley, Cornville, Snowflake, and Tucson as well as Albuquerque, NM. You’ll find our local teams are prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable about all insulation application methods to ensure you get the right product for your home or business. Contact us to schedule an estimate today.