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Since its introduction in the late 1930s, fiberglass insulation has remained one of the most popular insulating materials, and with good reason. Pre-cut rolls or batts and blown in loose-fill are the two most frequently sold types. It can be applied to attics, walls, floor cavities, and basement rim joists.

Because a tight fit is required for optimal energy efficiency, it is essential to hire an experienced and licensed insulation contractor, such as Banker Insulation. It is also recommended that any air leaks be sealed to ensure maximum efficiency.

Fiberglass insulation is predominantly manufactured using up to 60 percent recycled container glass, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, thus freeing landfill space. The glass is woven into tight fibers that trap pockets of air to slow the transference of conditioned, whether heated or cooled, air.

Title card featuring a worker hand installing fiberglass insulation: Advantages of Fiberglass Insulation.

Ways Fiberglass Insulation Can Benefit You

Cost Effective

Fiberglass insulation is the ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers. There are plenty of options in terms of R-values and types that residential and commercial consumers can select from while remaining within budget. Another cost effective option to consider, especially if moisture is a concern, like in a basement, is to choose faced insulation. That insulation uses a vapor retardant to help prevent condensation.

Sound Dampening

Fiberglass insulation is offered in different thicknesses with different degrees of sound absorption. While noise reduction increases with depth, this insulating material will not block sound transmission. There are, however, products available with added sound attenuation. These products are ideal for several applications, including home theaters and home offices, as well as other areas where you’d like to block noise.

Thermal Resistance

The R-value for fiberglass ranges between R-8 and R-40. These values measure the thermal resistance – how well the material resists heat – with a higher number offering the best performance. Contact an insulation contractor to identify the correct R-value for your area’s climate as well as where insulation is required. Make sure the material provides optimal energy efficiency by having it professionally installed.

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