“Kudos to Randell Thornton, manager. I had a need for a quickly done job in a remodeled home of mine. Randy was responsive, fairly priced and completed the job in a very timely manner. Thanks, Randy.”


“Additional attic insulation has been the best investment I’ve made. Hot weather is here and my inside temperature is cool. I included the space above the garage and it’s keeping a much lower temperature as well. I couldn’t be happier.”


“I had a repair done on my HeatnGlo fireplace and your guys… were nothing but professional, courteous, friendly and helpful. I was originally encouraged to go to [another company] for fireplace service but I’m so glad I chose you instead!!!  I will be sure to tell anyone that asks that I would HIGHLY recommend your company… thank you so much!!!”


“I had gutters installed after my roof replacement. These guys did an outstanding job. Quality workmanship and great service!”


“I just wanted to give you some compliments on how great [Jose and Ricardo] were. They were punctual, they laid plastic down everywhere. They walked me through what they were going to do… they were awesome. Very nice, very polite. Just really great guys…You probably easily get [comments that] people did this wrong or that wrong. I just wanted to say [Jose and Ricardo] did great.”


“My brother, who is in the construction trade, recommended Banker Insulation and I’m very glad I went with them. Just had additional cellulose added to my attic to bring it up to code (1985 build), and also in a new wall after changing windows out. Banker Insulation was responsive and their work was excellent. They were careful with my home and extremely professional. I would highly recommend them!”