Phoenix Home Insulation | Insulating Your Attic

When people generally think about Phoenix home insulation, they tend to believe that insulation is designed to keep your home warm rather than keep it cool. In Phoenix, Arizona, where the extreme hot climate is notorious for reaching record breaking temperatures every summer, keeping your home warm is the last thing one thinks of. So many Phoenix, Arizona residents do not realize that properly insulating an attic can and will keep your home cooler.

Phoenix Home InsulationInsulation is designed to prevent air flowing through it. So in warm climates it works by trapping the cool air inside the home. Whereas in cooler climates it traps the warm air inside. It’s important to note that air rises which in turn reveals that insulating an attic is more important in warmer climates. As the cool air circulates within your home and rises to the attic, proper attic insulation will trap the cool air from escaping. This lowers the demand on your air conditioning unit and even lowers the cost of your energy bills.

Having enough Phoenix home insulation in your attic is important as well. Take a look around inside your attic and see if the insulation levels are even or perhaps below the floor joists. If they are, then this is a good indication that you may need more. Banker Insulation has professionals that will come out and make a proper assessment on whether or not you require more insulation in order to save on your energy bill. Call today! 877.708.7815

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