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Home Insulation

Banker Insulation is proud to provide the Johns Manville line of insulation for homes in Arizona as they are the leading manufacturer of premium-quality building insulation and roof insulation. Johns Manville insulation offers so many options, it’s important to distinguish your needs and requirements when choosing which home insulationwill be most efficient and effective.

Poly-encapsulated insulation: Wrapped entirely in plastic, this home insulation provides a more comfortable installation with a reduction in itch and dust.

Faced insulation: With the facing already attached to it acting as a vapor retarder, this home insulation is usually made from Kraft paper or foil. It is ideal for moisture control on exterior walls.

Unfaced insulation: Effective for eliminating undesirable noises within the internal walls of your Arizona home, this type of home insulation also assists with moisture control.

Blown-in insulation: Made up of a loose-fill material that can be made from many materials such as fiber glass and cellulose, this home insulation is blown into the designated area through a blowing machine. It is best suited for nonconforming areas and Blown-in insulation will not decay or settle.

Batts or Rolls: Batts are pre-cut strips of insulation best for insulating interior and exterior walls, while Rolls are best for insulating large, open areas in your Arizona home such as attics and crawl spaces. Rolls come in long strips of insulation rolled up and require measuring and cutting. When tackling a home insulation project, you’ll most likely benefit from using both Batts & Rolls for optimal convenience!

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