Insulate Your Garage Before Summer Heats Up

Your garage can be one cause of higher than normal energy bills during the hot summer months.  Cooled air can leak out of your garage door allowing hot air to build up in the garage, which will then warm up your home and cause your air conditioning system to work harder.  There are a few things you can do to help keep your garage cooler, which will help keep your energy bills down.

Spray Foam Application

One of the easiest ways that you can save money on your energy bill is to have your garage door insulated.  This should be done by qualified insulation professionals such as the ones at Banker Insulation.  The extra weight of the insulation can cause the garage door opener to malfunction if it is not installed properly.  Another way to keep your energy bills lower is by insulating the walls and ceiling of your garage.

One more way to help keep your garage cool is to have a ventilated garage door installed.  This will help keep air flowing through your garage to prevent hot air from building up inside.  You can also install a ventilation fan that will help keep the air moving as well.

Garages Choose a light colored garage door, or paint your existing door a lighter color such as beige or white.  Dark colored doors absorb the heat from the sun and heat them up which causes the garage to heat up!  Before painting your garage door you can caulk any visible gaps between the garage door and the garage frame with silicone caulk.  When you do this, be careful not to apply the caulk to any of the door’s moving parts!  Also, Banker Insulation can install weather stripping along the bottom of the door to keep the heat out and your garage cool.   If you have any questions about ways you can improve your garage’s insulation and lower your energy bills give Banker Insulation a call at (602) 273-1261 or visit them on the web, here.

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