Hiring an Insulation Contractor?

insulation contractor

Insulation is a wonderful thing which is virtually invisible to most homeowners as it is hidden in wall cavities, attics and basements, as well as garage doors. Unless, of course, they search it out. Insulation provides a basis for warmth, comfort, and efficiency.

Speaking of efficiency, insulation can provide homeowners with the means to reduce their energy bills by up to 25% in the summer months, and almost 50% in the winter months.* All they have to do is upgrade or retrofit their homes with the proper levels of insulating materials.

To receive all of the benefits that insulation can provide homeowners, and everyone else that has a vested interest in homes such as home builders, should refrain from shopping for the best price when it comes to finding an insulation contractor.

While you will find that insulation materials are virtually the same from one insulation provider to the next, the same principal certainly does not hold true regarding insulation contractors, as no two contractors are ever the same. Allow us to explain why in further detail below.

Let’s say you go to craigslist in search of a reliable, yet extremely affordable insulation contractor (or any contractor for that matter), which I’m sure there are many. After receiving three estimates (I hope), you decide to go with the cheapest contractor, which means you also have to buy all materials yourself.

Now, please don’t get me wrong, you may very well wind up with a contractor that provides exemplary service. But if you do, you should definitely count your lucky stars, as this is typically not the case. Why? Simply because labor costs are higher the more experienced the contractor becomes.

With experience come higher overhead costs such as insurance and contractor licensing fees – just to name a couple. This is something that can be applied to any occupation, not just in the construction industry. Those with under one year of experience generally don’t carry insurance nor are they licensed.

In light of the above, you’re simply better off hiring one of our insulation contractors, as we at Banker Insulation only hire those with years of experience. And, with 37 years of industry experience, you can rest assured that we have the proper insurance and licenses.

*Source: U.S. Department of Energy

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