High Winter Heating Bills? Fight Back with Insulation!

high winter heating bills

As children, we were often told by our parents to “put a hat and jacket on,” prior to being allowed to go out and play with all of our friends. For those of us that were, let’s just say a little rebellious; well we most definitely paid the price for not listening to our parent’s advice when we suddenly came down with a case of the sniffles.

Today, as adults and maybe even parents ourselves, we know that our parents only had our best interests at heart. Especially considering that most, if not all, of our body heat is lost from our heads. Much like putting on our warm jackets and hats, ensuring our homes are properly insulated is a very important step in our desire to fight back against high winter heating bills.

High Winter Heating Bills? Insulation is Key!

In Your Attic Space

The largest opportunity to increase your comfort, save energy, control moisture, and save money on nightmarish utility bills can be found in your attic space. Adding the proper levels of insulation to this space tends to be quite cumbersome; not to mention messy. That said this is one project that may be best left to the professionals in order for you to reap all of its benefits.

In Your Home’s Foundation

In addition to reducing your home’s heating and cooling costs, a properly insulated foundation will afford you increased comfort in the first floor of your home and/or in basement rooms, as well as providing you with a good defense against the following:

  • Insect infestations
  • Moisture problems
  • Radon infiltration

Insulating your home’s foundation is a process that should be done during construction of your home. It is preferable that you speak with a local Banker Insulation representative regarding the proper foundation insulation materials if you’re planning on having a new home built.

In Your Exterior Walls

For a significant level of air sealing, and comfort levels, you may want to give serious thought about having a professional insulation contractor fill all of your home’s exterior walls with blow-in or spray foam insulation materials. You will also want to consider R-values, as higher R-values yield better insulating results, thus insulating your wallet even more.

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