Arizona Home Insulation From Recycled Paper

Though fiberglass currently holds 94% of the U.S. insulation market, cellulose insulation proves to be recognized as an innovative, eco-friendly competitor in the building products industry thanks to GreenFiber.

GreenFiber is a natural fiber form of insulation that contributes to lowering the energy need to heat Arizona homes. In addition GreenFiber is made from 85% recycled paper fiber. This reduces manufacturing costs while providing further use to billions of tons of paper annually.

GreenFiber is able to produce this Arizona insulation product for homes via the hundreds of tons of recycled paper collected each month from a combination of commercial accounts, public drop-off locations and municipal recycling partnerships.

Utilizing a process of grinding paperboard, paper and a fire retardant, throw-aways from manufacturers, retailers and the public transform into cellulose insulation for Arizona homes.

As it turns out, cellulose insulation surpasses fiberglass with respect to soundproofing, air flow, mold protection and even fire resistance. During processing, ammonium sulfate and borate are added to repel fire.

Fiberglass continues to dominate the market for insulating Arizona homes, however it’s definitely got an up-and-coming competitor in GreenFiber’s cellulose insulation.

Arizona Home Insulation

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