Roofing Insulation – Phoenix, Arizona

Roofing InsulationWhen thinking about a new roof in Phoenix, Az, it’s important to pay special attention to your roofing insulation. Roofing insulation is key in keeping the effects of the elements out and the heating and cooling in. Every roof should be insulated, however there are still plenty of homes that are not, and in turn are costing residents expensive utility bills. In order to keep heating and cooling costs down as well as maintaining a climate resistant home, it’s important to research a variety of roofing insulation options and which is best suited for your home.

Utilizing the appropriate ‘R-value’ insulation is important. R-value is the measure of thermal resistance. For example, a home that is located in an area that remains generally stable most of the year will do fine with a lower r-value insulation. In areas that get excessively hot and sunny, like Phoenix, AZ, roofing insulation with a high r-value is best.

Phoenix Insulation & Summertime

Everyone struggles to find a way to keep cool during the scorching hot summer months in Phoenix, it’s a well known fact for those of us who live here. Believe it or not, just turning down the AC is not the most efficient way to accomplish your goals to stay cool. Here is a simple thing you can do in order to keep your home cooler.

Inspect Your Phoenix Insulation

Phoenix insulation is a key component in keeping cool air from escaping as well as heat from entering into the home. Phoenix insulation is composed of several layers of protection to ensure that the temperature with in your home remains consistent. Inspecting your Phoenix insulation or having a professional to inspect it for you is a pertinent way to prepare your home for the Phoenix heat.

Phoenix Insulation