HeatBloc-Ultra Insulation

HeatBloc-Ultra Insulation is a new radiant heat barrier coating. It has the lowest e-factor of all spray applied radiant heat barriers at .19. It will block up to 80% of the radiant heat attempting to come into your house or building. This feature makes HeatBloc-Ultra Insulation ideal for houses and buildings that reside in hotter climates.

HeatBloc-Ultra Insulation

HeatBloc-Ultra Insulation is a breathable, liquid applied film-like coating which will not contribute to moisture retention. Because HeatBloc-Ultra is water based, it has almost no odor to it. HeatBloc-Ultra Insulation will not conflict with an attic-mounted antenna or with cell phone reception because the substance is non-conductive.

HeatBloc-Ultra Insulation works somewhat like shade trees, keeping your house or building cooler. HeatBloc-Ultra Insulation will also provide insulation for the attic mounted HVAC ducts, keeping them cooler. Cooler ducts prevent the AC from working as hard when it is running. With it’s very low VOCs, HeatBloc-Ultra Insulation is also extremely environmentally friendly.

Banker Insulation has proudly introduced HeatBloc-Ultra to it’s Insulation product line. For further questions or requests call: 602.273.1261

Arizona Home Insulation

There are some areas in your Arizona home that obviously need insulation. There are, however, some less obvious areas that also should be insulated that you probably wouldn’t even think of. A particular area that should be insulated is your garage. Your garage leads directly to your home and without proper insulation in Arizona, hot and cold air drafts will seep into your home through your garage. This results in a waste of energy and a waste of money spent on your energy bill because your heater and air conditioner are forced to work overtime due to improper or not any insulation in your Arizona home garage. Other areas that should be insulated include: attic, walls and ceilings.

Home Insulation Arizona

Energy Efficient Home Insulation | US Fiscal Cliff

fiscal_cliffThe fiscal cliff is the steep decline in the budget deficit due to increased
taxes and less spending in accordance with prior enacted laws. Whatever your
political stance, there is a silver lining for energy-efficient
home-builders in the fiscal cliff legislation. The final legislation
includes a renewal of the 25L Tax Credit for builders of new
energy-efficient homes.

Home-builders who build and sell these energy-efficient homes benefit from
this tax credit. The tax credit is retroactive to homes sold in January 1st
of 2012. The home-builder must show proof that the level of the heating and
cooling energy consumption is at least 50% lower than that of a
commensurable living unit built in accordance with the
2006 IECC.

Banker Insulation specializes in contributing to the building of
energy-efficient homes with the home insulation product line that includes;
GreenFiber, Johns Manville and Knauff Insulation. Every one of these home
insulation product lines helps minimize heating and cooling energy