Energy Efficient Holiday Gifts

Energy Efficient Holiday Gifts

If you or someone you know breaks into a sweat each time an email with the subject line “your bill is ready” is received, choosing energy efficient gifts could reduce the amount of energy consumed and wasted. Here are our picks for energy efficient holiday gifts for every man, woman, and child on your list.

For the Foodie

Do you know someone who doesn’t have an Instant Pot yet? Hint, hint! There are different options but the most popular, according to Amazon reviewers, seems to be the six-quart with seven functions. One pot can literally replace seven appliances! This appliance also uses up to 70% less energy, cooking the receiver’s favorite dishes in a fraction of the time, than conventional cooking methods. For example: Pot roasts can be put on the dinner table in 30 minutes, where it ordinarily would have taken four hours in the oven. This gift idea can be found online and at most any retailer.

For the Audiophile

Whether they like listening to music or audiobooks, Bluetooth speakers are a can-never-go-wrong option. They can be used at home, the lake (look for one that features water resistance), or even while traveling. You will quickly find that there is a wide range of speakers available, from pocket-sized to large-scale, but what they all share is portability. Most also offer superior sound quality, incredible battery life, and energy efficiency. Many are compatible with other smart devices as well. Tech Radar rates the UE Boom 2 as “the best Bluetooth speaker.”

For the Homeowner

Okay, you caught us; we’re including you in our energy efficient holiday gift guide. After all, you are equally important. One of the best gifts you can provide yourself, that will keep on giving, is the gift of insulation and air sealing. Together, these services help provide home comfort, regardless of the season. Ensuring the right R-value for your climate (level of thermal resistance) is installed in your attic, walls or floors will also help you save money.

For the Tech Lover

It’s never been easier to maintain a comfortable temperature and save on heating and cooling costs. Smart thermostats include a related app that the intended recipient can use to monitor and adjust temperatures from anywhere, anytime. There are also more advanced thermostats that rely on sensors to detect whether anyone is home. These thermostats learn their comings and goings in short order, changing to the pre-programmed Home and Away temperatures. These products are also compatible with some of the most sought-after smart speakers.

For the Health Conscious

If you’re shopping for someone who suffers from asthma or allergies, give the gift of clean air. Air purifiers filter indoor air, removing particles, such as dust and pollen. They aid in promoting a healthier living environment. Air cleaners are available in a variety of sizes and are generally quite portable. In the spirit of healthy living, an indoor air quality monitor is another great gift idea. These devices can provide the giftee with a good picture of their indoor air quality. The best devices monitor temperature and humidity as well as PM2.5, CO2, and other toxins/chemicals.

Happy Holidays!

~ From your friends at Banker Insulation

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