Enter To Win A Fireplace!

At Banker Insulation we offer a variety of insulation services for both residential and commercial needs…but did you know that our highly skilled contractors can offer more to you than just insulation products? We also offer many products that add a finishing touch to your home, such as Heat & Glo fireplaces.  These modern day fireplaces are great for indoor or outdoors, available in wood burning, gas or electric.  To see a full list of fireplaces please visit our website.

“Experience fire in new ways with this REVOlutionary new series.” ~ Heat & Glo.

heatngloThe brand new Heat & Glo REVO fireplace features a patented, invisible Razor™ burner, a reflective black glass interior, and a slender, 7-inch deep profile. The REVO fireplace is available in three sleek models (square, linear, vertical), making it a versatile addition to just about any space!” Quote from Heat & Glo

AND, right now you can enter to win a new REVO gas fireplace, thanks to our friends at Heat & Glo.  The grand prize is a new REVO gas fireplace ($6,000 value) or one of seven $100 American Express Gift Card weekly prizes.  Click here to enter to win!

Banker Insulation is ready to install your new fireplace today!  Our excellent service is available in ten locations serving Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, New Mexico & Washington. To schedule your estimate please call 877-708-7815, send an email or visit our website.


Fireplaces Arizona | Technology Information

Heat & Glo Fireplaces Arizona

Direct Vent Technology
Direct Vent Technology enables your fireplace in Arizona to utilize outside air for combustion which expells 100% of the combustion exhaust as well as by-products.

FireBrick Technology
Direct vent FireBrick gas fireplaces and inserts offer the warmth and visual glow of a genuine wood burning fireplace bypassing any inconveniences.

IntelliFire Ignition System
IntelliFire facilitates intermittent-pilot ignition (IPI) which allows you to save fuel and money when the fireplaces is not being used.

Zone Heating
Fireplaces with Zone Heating utilize a climate control technology giving homeowners the option to redirect heat output to certain areas of the home, which in turn improves heating efficiency.

Fireplaces Arizona

Stay Safe This Winter With Your Wood Or Gas Fireplace

Over one-third of all Americans use wood stoves, fireplaces, and fuel fired appliances as their heat source in winter; most people do not know how to safely use them. This is evident with 36% of residential fires being caused by heating fires. Here are a couple of tips to keep you and your family safe this summer:

  • Have your wood stove or chimney cleaned and inspected every year before use by a certified specialist.
  • Make sure not to have any flammable materials around the fireplace when in use.
  • If you have glass doors on your fireplace make sure to keep the doors open while in use. This will make sure that the fire gets enough air and that the creosote won’t build up in the chimney; if creosote builds up in the chimney it could cause a chimney fire.
  • If you don’t have glass doors on your fireplace make sure that you have a mesh cover. Make sure to keep the mesh screen closed since this will from entering the room.
  • If you are thinking about getting a new fireplace or replacing an old one visit us today. We can help you pick out the perfect gas, wood or electric fireplace to make your house a home.