Insulation Job Opportunity at Banker Insulation

hiring insulation installersWorking in the insulation industry can be challenging and requires very hard work, but those who do work in the industry appreciate putting forth the effort in order to obtain the gratifying rewards that come with it. The future outlook for experienced, hard working insulation workers is very positive. The job growth in the insulation industry is progressively moving forward at a higher rate than average. Perhaps you have a history installing insulation or are thinking about a new venture in the industry. You’re in luck as insulation workers are currently in high demand.

It’s important to understand just how valuable this job is to the residential and commercial divisions. Both stand to save a significant amount of money on their monthly bills if their insulation is efficiently up to date. So, what is required of one who is visiting the idea of joining the industry? Well, if you’re familiar with blueprints insulation joband woodworking, then you have a leg up. Any kind of experience in general construction elements will serve as an asset to your marketability. Ultimately, drive, dedication and a positive attitude are important virtues that go a long way though it is up to the prospective company to make the decision to hire you based on the requirements.

Banker Insulation is hiring at many of its locations including Chandler, AZ. We are welcoming applications, so if you are in the market for a job within this rewarding industry, go to our home page and click on the Locations & Services menu item. Then navigate to the desired city page and send an email to the designated branch manager. Good luck!
insulation job opportunity


Owens Corning Advances In Residential Insulation

EnergyComplete SealantOwens Corning leads the market in the advancement of residential insulation with contemporary technological advancements since it became commercialized approximately 75  years ago. The latest residential insulation product to take the stage, the energy-efficient EnergyComplete® Sealant which prolongs their success rate by winning Design Journal’s 2013 ADEX Platinum Award for Design Excellence. This impressive sealant contributes to preserving energy in the home.

The Owens Corning Building Science team conducted a study that identified individual exterior joints where air most likely enters and escapes from homes via vulnerable cracks, seams and gaps which contribute up to 40% of the energy utilized for heating and cooling. This new knowledge is what inspired the design of the formula and equipment used in  residential insulation EnergyComplete® Sealant.